Wayne Richer

Shwe Miikaan Corp

I was raised on  a farm for foster kids in the Massey area. I went to high school in Espanola then worked several years for the lands and forests in parks and fish and wildlife. I am married and have 3 children of my own.

I’ve worked with the O.P.P in Espanola as maintenance for several years, then moved on to Domtar paper mill in Espanola running computers and finally heavy equipment for 27 years.

After retirement I built a summer cottage with my brother on the Pickerel river, then shortly after became a member of the lands committee at Henvey Inlet. Now I sit on the Shwe Miikann board as an alternate. I was the also the first person hired to manage the trailer park and marina situated on reserve land at the Pickerel river site, I worked there for 3 summers. Now I am back into retirement enjoying old timer hockey and watching my grandkids play hockey and grow into young adults